Recessed Lights

April 20, 2016

Useful Information About Recessed Lighting

Most agree that recessed lighting is a terrific way to achieve task as well as ambient lighting in almost any part of the home. Referred to alternatively as can or pot lighting, fixturesRecessed Lights by of this type are generally mounted within the wall or ceiling instead of on the surface of those spaces.

Key Elements and Features to Keep in Mind

Upon first glance, it might seem that all recessed lighting fixtures are essentially identical. Though it is true that numerous similarities do exist, those who look a bit closer will find that there actually are choices and distinctions which can be made.

1 Square Options

It is important to realize that not every down light is round and there is no reason that yours needs to be either. Several manufacturers of light fixtures offer square versions able to highlight the angular characteristics of walls. There are lighting resellers out of California that also sells rectangular options able to contain multiple lamps within them. RSA Lighting’s COMBOLIGHTÆ has a similar design for which some consumers may opt.

2 Trim Color Diversity

There is nothing to say thatEcobuilt provides Recessed Lights in Glendale California - you must decide between simple black or white trim for recessed lighting fixtures. Halo is one company currently making trim kits in a range of colors and finishes including copper, Tuscan bronze and even nickel. It is possible to buy the trim as well as the reflectors in these hues, making for a distinctive look many find appealing.

3 Trim Style Variety

Though trim kits are functional in many ways, they can also contribute greatly to the design of any fixture. Fortunately, it is possible to select from a stunning array of colors and styles able to suit any decorating scheme. Catalogs from firms such as Juno, Lightolier, Gull Lighting and Halo are helpful resources for anyone wishing to choose something unique.

4 Flush Trim Alternatives

Ecobuilt Recessed Lights in Glendale California -

It may be worthwhile to take a look at newer flush trim options for recessed lights rather than automatically doing with the conventional types of trim that are seated below the ceiling’s surface. Consumers may be interested in RSA Lighting’s fixtures in which the trim itself is set flush to the ceiling itself while the sheetrock is being mudded. This provides a cleaner, uncluttered appearance many Glendale homeowners seek.

LED Technology

The latest and greatest technology in the world of lighting is, of course, LED fixtures. These offer long life and tremendous efficiency when compared with traditional lighting. Though such fixtures may cost more initially, their longevity and reduced energy demands make them a very sound investment over time. Ecobuilt Lighting | Building Contractors Glendale California 5 4.38 1 68 Glendale Recessed Lights Installer Mo-Fr 08:00-17:30 $$$$ Ecobuilt Logo (855) 326 1096 34.1425078 -118.255075 Joshua Fletcher