LED Retrofits

April 21, 2016

Retrofitting Your Home or Business with LEDs

In today’s world, the most exciting and interesting innovation in the lighting industry is undeniably the introduction and application of LED lighting in residential and commercial settings. TheImportance of proper LED Retrofits - ecobuiltlighting.com hype around LED lighting is related directly to the extreme efficiency that such bulbs provide to owners.

LEDs Are Better For The Environment

Commercial and residential property owners have been very excited about LED lighting development because they can utilize such technology to lower their energy bills, reduce the presence of hazardous materials such as mercury in their environments, and even significantly reduce the need for replacement bulbs.

All business and homeowners who are energy conscious quickly recognized the benefits of LED retrofit, and for good reason:Installing LED Retrofits the right way! - ecobuiltlighting.com retrofitting traditional lighting fixtures provide the key properties which make LEDs unique, adding value to an office or home and lowering their energy bills.

Process of LED Retrofitting

The process of retrofitting a home to use LED lighting isn’t too difficult, but it’s best left to professionals. There may be situations in which mild construction will be necessary in order to access housing cans, fuse box or wiring. Retrofitting a home could take days depending on its size and how many people are doing the job.

In order to prepare for your LED conversion, it’s a good idea to begin by removing lightEcobuilt LED Retrofits - ecobuiltlighting.com bulbs that can be accessed easily, and storing them back into their original packing or responsibly disposing of them. You may contact a local waste department in order to know more on how to dispose of the bulbs.

At Ecobuilt Lighting, we’ll help you find the best conversion options for LED lighting available. Whether it’s a home or a business, we have the knowledge you’ll need to make the perfect choice. In addition to LED conversion as well as retrofits, we provide you with access to highly qualified contractors in our network, who’ll be able to assist you with your LED retrofit. 
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