Recessed Lights

April 21, 2016

Understanding Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is one of the most popular lighting choices available. Recessed lighting is a wonderful way to add warmth and sophistication to your home. The lights are tucked into the ceilingImportance of proper Recessed Lights - and perfectly illuminate the room without distracting from your rooms decor. When the lights are turned off, they essentially fade into the ceiling and go almost unnoticed. Another good thing about recessed lighting is they do not contain any dangling cords or shades to obstruct your view. In fact, recessed lights are there when you need them and are almost invisible when they are turned off.

Remodeling with Recessed Lights

What if your home is not wired for recessed lights? It can easily be configured for them. Your old lights can be removed and replaced with recessed lighting quite easily. If you are installing recessed lights in a new construction, the installation process is different than if you are remodelingEcobuilt provides Recessed Lights - or renovating your home. During a new construction, the recessed lighting will be mounted to the cross beams while they beams are exposed. Then, the ceiling material will be attached to the beams. In a remodel or renovation, you will need to cut holes in your ceiling where each individual can light will be installed and wiring will need to be run. Although this may sound difficult to install recessed lighting during a remodel, it can easily be done by a professional. The electrician will use your attic space to wire these lights. Depending on the numberWhy the right Recessed Lights is so important - of lights being installed, the installation can take between on and three days to complete. Before beginning the installation, you should clear off your work areas and countertops. Additionally, remove any valuable items from the room. This will help protect them from any debris that may fall when you cut the holes for you new recessed lights.

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