Outdoor Lights

April 20, 2016
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A Primer On Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lights come in many different varieties to fit a wide range of uses. The following basic types may be of use to you in designing a safe and pleasant outdoor landscape. Outdoor Lights by ecobuiltlighting.com

1 Path Lights

Path lights are excellent at making any outdoor area both more attractive and less dangerous. Path lights are produced in so many different designs and styles that your odds of finding a type that matches your own aesthetic tastes are extremely good. Take a look around, you might really start to notice more path lights in Richmond.

2 Up-Lights

Up-lights, as their name suggests, are designed to throw the majority of their illumination upwards. This type of outdoor lighting is great for highlighting natural or architectural features you want to draw attention to. Up-lights make an excellent choice for outdoor installation along walls, hedges, and other linear features. Individual lights can be used to pick out particularly notable plantings like bamboo or exotic trees.

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3 Underwater Lights

Underwater lighting can be used in other places besides pools! If your landscaping includes a water feature, a few well-placed underwater lights can transform them into beautiful showpieces after dark. This is a great place to incorporate colored lights into your landscaping scheme. Underwater lights need not be expensive; self-contained solar lights do a good job in water features.

4 Solar Lights

Speaking of solar lighting, you can purchase outdoor solar lights in many different designs. Solar lights fall into two major categories: All-in-one units where the solar panels are integrated into the lights, and remote units where the solar panels can be installed elsewhere. Remote solar lights are more expensive, but they also perform much better. All solar lights operate by collecting and storing solar energy during the day and using it to power the light at night. This means that they will be stronger during sunny weather and weaker during overcast periods.

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5 Security Lights

For outdoor security, the standard lighting choice is motion-activated floodlights. These lights are also great for safety purposes, as any outdoor activity (e.g. coming home late) will trigger them and illuminate the area. Motion sensors cut down on the power consumption of your outdoor lighting.

6 Lighting Kits

Many forms of outdoor lighting operate on low voltage. This means that permits and electricians’ licenses aren’t required to install them. It’s a job that’s well within the grasp of a reasonably competent do-it-yourselfer. Just keep in mind that you need a properly-sized transformer to run your new outdoor lights. Lighting kits typically come with a transformer designed expressly for the needs of the kit; adding more lights may risk an overload. Speak with a professional at your lighting retailer in Richmond about your transformer needs if you’re assembling your own set-up piece by piece.

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