April 21, 2016

Ecobuilt Lighting’s Guide to Wall Sconces

A great way to spruce up your business or home is to install wall sconces. These lights add a touch of modern sophistication to almost any space. Wall sconces can be used to highlight a focal pieceSconces by in your home or office. Try placing them around a piece art or mirror to amp up your space. In addition to improving the decor of your space, wall sconces also complement other light sources. These versatile lights provide either indirect or direct lighting, depending on their placement. Additionally, wall sconces can be used as accent lighting or even task lighting. As you can see, there are many ways you can incorporate wall sconces into your decor.

What’s your style?

Sconces come in a variety of sizes, colors and shapes. This means that you can find the perfect scone, no matter what your decor looks like. For example, there are gorgeous looking vintage sconces as well as sleek, modern looking ones. In addition to the size, shape and color, there are other things to consider when shoppingInstalling Sconces the right way! - for wall sconces. Do you want your lights to face upward or downward? Do you want your wall sconces to produce bright light or diffused?

How many do you need?

In addition to these questions, you will need to determine the number of sconces you will need. The number of sconces will be determined by the size of your room, the size of your sconces and the type of lighting that the sconces offer.

What’s your preference?

You will also need to determine the proper height and location of each of your wall sconces. Do you want them easy to reach and accessible? Or, would you rather mount them higher up on the wall? Why the right Sconces is so important - ecobuiltlighting.comAnother thing that must be considered is wiring the scones into your home or office. If it is not already wired for sconces, an electrician will need to do some minor construction. Typically, this involves removing a small section of your wall to expose your existing wiring. The electrician will run new wiring up to your wall sconces. Finally, your wall will need to be repaired.

What we offer

At Ecobuilt Lighting, you will find numerous wall sconces that are perfect for a residential or commercial setting. In addition to the sconces, Ecobuilt Lighting provides you with access to qualified lighting specialists in your area. Finally, our website provides you with useful information that you need while searching for wall sconces. We are here to ensure you make the right choice when shopping for wall sconces. Ecobuilt Lighting | Building Contractors 5 4.8 1 50.8 Sconces Installer Ecobuilt Logo (855) 338-2829 Joshua Fletcher