April 21, 2016

Info about Skylights

A skylight can serve many functions in a home. A skylight can reduce the need for artificial lighting while brightening an interior space. By opening and closing a skylight, fresh air can be introducedImportance of proper Skylight - into a room, as the stale air that accumulates at the top of the space is vented out. If the skylight is large enough, it can also serve as an emergency exit, or provide a panoramic view in an attic room or loft.

Skylight or Roof Window?

Some people call skylights, roof windows. However, there is a difference. A roof window operates the same as a regular window and is within the reach of the home’s occupants. The skylight is not. Both can be installed on a flat or sloped roof. andEcobuilt provides Skylight - are compatible with all types of roofing material. Flashing kits are are available that can help reduce the water leaks commonly associated with skylights.

Light Tunnels or Tubular Skylights?

If the ceiling of a room is not close to the roof, then you can use a light tunnel or tubular skylight. This type of skylight can collect natural light from the roof and send it to a room that is over 20 feet away. This skylight is not related to the traditional skylight in any way, it’s purpose is to add natural light to a room that would otherwise be dark.

What is the Purpose of the Skylight?

You need to determine the purpose of the skylight before choosing the best type for your home or office. Do you want the skylight to provide daylighting, energy efficiency or ventilation?

At Ecobuilt Lighting, we can assist you in determining the best skylight for your home or office. We have residential and commercial products and can provide you with the information that will help you make the best choice. We also provide access to a network of qualified, professional installation contractors that can assist you with installing your solar tube or skylight. Ecobuilt Lighting | Building Contractors 5 4.5 1 32 Skylight Installer Ecobuilt Logo (855) 338-2829 Joshua Fletcher