Solar Tube Day lights

April 21, 2016
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Solar Tube Lighting

If you are considering adding additional light to a dark hallway or kitchen, then your best option may be a solar tube. A solar tube costs just a fraction of what a skylight does, and provides youImportance of proper Solar Tube Day Lights - with plenty of indirect, warm light.

At times there isn’t enough room for installing a light well and conventional skylight, or the roof might be too far away from a room lacking in natural light. A tubular skylight may be a good option in those situations.

How they work?

When a solar tube is on your roof it is capped with a plastic weather-proof globe. On the end of the tube is a diffuser that goes into room’s ceiling that is below. Light is gathered from the globe from the outside; the light is then spread by the diffuser into a white glow. This has a dramatic effect. Homeowners often reach for their light switch after their newEcobuilt provides Solar Tube Day Lights - installations as they are leaving the room only to find out the lights have been off.

Tubular skylights are made by numerous companies and sold under various trade names. They are comprised of aluminum housing with a plastic topping that collects light from on top of the roof, along with a ceiling-mounted diffuser and highly reflective pipe. Light output does decline over distance, however a diffuser can still be a fair distance from the roof.


The installation process is less expensive, easier and faster compared to installing a roof window or conventional skylight. The collector gets flashed into the roof like a plumbing vent does. You can route lightWhy the right Solar Tube Day Lights is so important - tubes around obstacles and then over to the diffuser. There are also flashing kits that are available to use with flat-roof installations.

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