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April 20, 2016

A Look At Different Lighting Fixtures

Choosing the right lights and lighting fixtures for installation is essential if you are to set up an energy-efficient lighting system in your home or business in Thornton. Lights and lighting fixtures areImportance of proper Light Fixtures in Thornton - available in a very wide variety of options and an even wider range of characteristics. Picking the right ones will depend on your lighting task. Another factor to consider is cost. Often, you will find that options that are least expensive are not the most cost-effective or energy-efficient.

Incandescent Lights

Incandescent lights are inexpensive, small, controllable, render color well, and can be dimmed easily, making them very useful display products. However, these lights tend to have some limitations: their lifespans are relatively short, and they are extremely susceptible to failure when exposed to vibration and heat. At the same time, they have very little efficacy, which is an industry term used to refer to the amount of light emitted per watt of electricity). Moreover, most of these lights tend to grow dark as they age as the filamentís tungsten is lost and deposited on walls of the bulb. These lights are available in a wide array of shapes and types:

Fluorescent Lights

Fluorescent lights have low surface luminance, very high efficacy and have a very long lifespan. These lights are cool and are available in an array of colors. They do require some sort of ballast, which is a controlling device that induces the light arc using a high starting voltage. Check to make sure you are up to the Thornton city code before wiring in any new ballasts.Ecobuilt provides Light Fixtures in Thornton Colorado -

HID or High-Density Discharge Lights

High-Density Discharge lights are amongst the most energy-efficient light sources available in the market today. These lights can last up to twenty-four times longer than any incandescent light while creating about a third less heat than their counterpart. For this reason, most sporting arenas, shopping centers, and parking lots have opted to use HID as their primary lighting option. At the same time, they are being used in many indoor applications today.

Despite the advantages they have to offer, HID lights do come with some unique demands. Just like fluorescent lights, they require special ballasts to operate. These lights take about three to seven minutes to warm up, and have a restrike time, which is the delay between being switched off and being switched back on, of about five to ten min. Currently, there are three types of High-Density Discharge lights. These are high-pressure sodium, metal halide, and mercury vapor HIDs.

Ecobuilt Light Fixtures in Thornton Colorado -

1 Mercury vapor HID lights are most commonly used outside for security and parking lighting. These lights emit a blue-white or white light, and their color rendition is rather limited. Of all HID lights, these are the least efficient (just slightly less than a fluorescent light) and are often replaced with the more efficient high-pressure sodium or metal halide lights when and where possible.

2 Of all HID lights, metal halide lights offer the best light rendering. These lights are often used for entry lighting, merchandise display, or in any place or application where color rendition is essential. They are most commonly used for sports lighting and indoor security.

3 High-pressure sodium lights are the most economical and efficient of the most widely used HID lights. Because of their limited color rendering and warm golden light, these lights are most suitable and are often used for outdoor applications. Theyíre often used for outdoor and security lighting, or indoors in areas like warehouses and storage rooms, where color rendering is not that important. Ecobuilt Lighting | Building Contractors Thornton Colorado 5 4 1 94 Thornton Light Fixtures Installer Mo-Fr 08:00-17:30 $$$$ Ecobuilt Logo (855) 326 1096 39.8680412 -104.9719243 Joshua Fletcher