Solar Tube Day lights

April 20, 2016

Sun Tubes For Daylighting

Solar light tubes are structures designed to bring natural daylight into the interior of a building where direct exterior access isn’t possible. When designed properly, sun tubes can reduce orSolar Tube Day lights by eliminate the need for artificial lights in the daytime, reducing a home’s energy consumption significantly. Sometimes Solar Tube lighting is enough to meet a given room’s entire lighting requirement, but sun tubes can also be combined with artificial light sources.

1 Sun Tubes Provide Superior Lighting

Architects and designers have known for a century that natural sunlight is superior to artificial light in a number of ways. Besides its low cost compared to electric light, sunlight delivers a full spectrum of light. This is both healthier and more appealing to people. This is why natural lighting is always the best choice when it is available, and sun tubes bring it into places that it otherwise wouldn’t reach.

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2 Installation Of Sun Tube Lighting

In most cases sun tubes require no changes to the structure of a house. The tube is typically sized to fit between structural members like joists and rafters without disturbing them. The joints in the tube are sealed with aluminum tape, and due to the system’s light weight the mounting hardware required is minimal. Sun tube installation normally takes less than four hours.

3 Sun Tubes And Insulation

Because sun tubes typically pass through uninsulated spaces (e.g. attics), it’s important to insulate them to prevent unwanted heat transfer. Without continuous insulation around every part of the sun tube, condensation might form and eventually lead to water damage.

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4 Sun Tube Maintenance

The plastic dome at the exterior end of a sun tube is self-cleaning. It sheds condensation and rain due to its shape. The whole tube assembly is basically a sealed unit that doesn’t require maintenance. Without any external source of damage, a properly-installed sun tube should last over 30 years.

5 Planning Permission

Small sun tubes installed in an ordinary residence typically do not require planning permission. In the case of large tubes or an installation being performed in a Conservation Area, though, permission may be needed prior to the work. Ecobuilt Lighting | Building Contractors Thornton Colorado 5 4 1 94 Thornton Solar Tube Day lights Installer Mo-Fr 08:00-17:30 $$$$ Ecobuilt Logo (855) 326 1096 39.8680412 -104.9719243 Joshua Fletcher